Living and training in the Shaolin Temple Europe


What does Discipleship mean?

Discipleship means, that you are living and training in the Shaolin Temple Europe under the conditions and regulations of a monk or nun. It also means, that you are getting to know and study more about Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, as well as Kung Fu, Qi Gong, and other “Shaolin” arts.

One could call it experiencing a school of life. As a disciple you have the same daily schedule and structure as that, prescribed for novices, monks and nuns.

Furthermore you get the chance to get to know the community of the monastery and discuss the option of eventually becoming a novice of the Shaolin Temple Europe.

Help preserve, expand and develop together with the sangha of the Shaolin Temple Europe.

In this context, it must be clearly stated that the discipleship consists of three pillars:

The training of the body, the training of the mind and the training of the skills so both practical and theoretical lessons as well as in work for the temple.

As a disciple, you're allowed and encouraged to participate in all training events that are taking place every month in the Shaolin Temple Europe (approximately 2.5 weeks per month). Learning and practice takes place both under guidance in supervised training but also in clear personal responsibility without teachers or instructors.

However, whoever does nothing out of personal responsibility will not be able to progress or pass any exams.

Discipleship is about encouraging yourself to master your own live and possibly be a guide or teacher for others, but in any case to present yourself as an responsible person.


What to expect?

Education and study in the theoretical areas:

  • Buddhism
  • Taoism, Confucianism, Comparative Religious Studies
  • Chinese Culture, History, Philosophy and Folk Religion
  • Martial Arts Theory 

Training in the practical arts

  • Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong
  • Meditation


Our daily schedule:

As usual in a monastery, the daily schedule is structured. It is important to know that there is strict discipline.

Below you will find a typical daily schedule:

Mon. – Fri.

6.00 a.m.               Morning unit

8.00 a.m.               Breakfast

09.00 a.m.            Theory / Training / Working Time

11.00 a.m.            Monastery contribution time

13.00 p.m.            Lunch

15.00 p.m             Theory / Training / Working Time

18.00 p.m.            Dinner

19.00 p.m.            Theory / Training / Working Time

21.00 p.m.            Evening ceremony

22.00 p.m.            Noble Silence



  • You are interested and willed to live a life style like the one lived by Shaolin monks and nuns?
  • You accept to live under monk respectively novice conditions?
  • You accept the Buddhist teaching and are willed to follow it?
  • You are at least 18 years old or you are 16 years or older and have the unlimited approval of your parents?
  • You are in excellent physical and mental condition and can endure a lot of physical and psychological stress?
  • You have no criminal record, you are single and have no obligations towards children of your own?
  • You are willing to accept the rules of the Order and adhere to them, and to accept your place in the hierarchy of the Order?
  • You speak German and/or English?


Goal / What comes after the Discipleship:

The Discipleship lasts for a period of 1 year.

After the discipleship, you get the chance to obtain a course instructor certificate (in various fields, such as: Kung Fu, Qi Gong and also Buddhist teachings), which will allow you to share the knowledge you have gained to other people, even outside the monastery.

You also gain the possibility to become a lay monk/ nun (Bodhisattva ordination) or even a novice of the Shaolin Temple Europe (provided the leadership of the Order considers the candidate suitable for this).

Discipleship is completed after 1 year. An extension of your stay for 1 more year is possible upon request and if the Shaolin Temple agrees to the extension.


The costs:

The Discipleship is not a Service! As a disciple, you are contribution a fee for the education and training, similar to a tuition fee, as a membership contribution for the support of the monastery:

- One-time 4000€ up to 21 years in the first year, or 5000€ up to 28 years, 6000€ up to 35 years and 7000€ over 35 years. If the amount is paid in full at the beginning of the training. If the Discipleship is extended by 1 year, costs are again € 2,500.

- Or 4500€ to 21 years in the first year, or 5500€ to 28 years, 6500€ to 35 years and 7500€ over 35 years, if the total amount is paid in 12 monthly installments, payable at the beginning of each month. In this case, the renewal year (if it is also paid in monthly installments) costs 3000€.

In addition, there is a one-time registration fee of € 500.

The costs include meals, accommodation (shared room), teaching materials, etc. Health insurance must be paid on your own, similar to attending a boarding school or going to university. Proof of health insurance must be presented.


The rules that apply:

As long as you are in the monastery, Disciples shall adhere to the laws and rules of the Order of Shaolin and the Vinaya (Buddhist regulatory framework).

Some of these rules are:

1.)   No killing

2.)   No stealing

3.)   No drugs that cloud one’s senses

4.)   No sexual activities and no sexual contacts

5.)   No lies

6.)   No jewelry and no cosmetics

7.)   No material luxury

8.)   No worldly pleasures

9.)   No eating separate from the Order

10.)No accumulation of property and money

Even outside the monastery, the Order expects you to lead a moral life.



Your application must include:

  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae in a tabular form (printed if possible)
  • Photo(s) – several photos can be submitted
  • If the applicant is already a Buddhist, confirmation by the temple or teacher in whose care he has been to date that this is the case. If he is not, a declaration that he is willing to join Buddhism
  • Police certificate of good conduct (not older than 3 months)
  • Medical health certificate for high-performance sports. This must include information that the candidate has no restrictions in this regard. The examining physician must be relieved of his duty not to disclose information about the candidate.
  • All existing school and vocational training degrees, diplomas, reference letters, etc.
  • All other documents that the candidate believes can help us get an impression of him


Application process:

When we receive your application, we will check if you are eligible. If this is the case:

  • You will be invited to an interview
  • If the interview is positive, you will be invited for 1 week to stay in the monastery in order to get to know each other
  • If this is also positive, you will be invited to begin the discipleship on the next starting date. The first three months are a trial period, prior to your full acceptance.


Starting dates:

  • The first weekday after the 1st of January of each year


For students from East Asian and Southeast Asian countries (list of countries see below) we have the possibility to grant scholarships.

This applies to persons who come directly from these countries or come from these countries or whose parents come from these countries.

These scholarships cover the tuition fees for up-to 2 years of Discipleship including the admission fee.

Travel costs, health insurance costs, etc. are not covered.


- Descent from one of the countries listed in the country list.

- Maximum age 23 years

- At least 5 years of martial arts experience or verifiable experience in Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

- Mastering the German or English language and at. Basic language from the country where the candidate comes from.

List of countries:

China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma (Burma, Myanmar), Singapur, Thailand.



Send us your application now to become a Disciple at the Shaolin Temple Europe!