Supporting the monastery as a volunteer


General details:

As a rule, the helpers should want to stay for at least half a year.

Please note the advertised qualifications.

For organizational reasons, we can not accommodate couples, children and pets.

Applicants must be fluent in German or English. 

We also ask to refrain from such requests.


We are currently looking for:

Chef / Cook / Kitchen aide:

The work:

-       Cooking

-       Preparing lunch and dinner

-       Doing the dishes

-       Cleaning the Kitchen/keeping the kitchen clean

-       Making tee

-       Eventually grocery shopping

Working hours:

5-6 hours each on 6 days per week

Apron, smock, etc. will be provided by the monastery.


Be able to cook and have kitchen experience – ideally a cook, a housekeeper or a kitchen aide (not just somebody who want to try it out).

The best would be an older person with expierence.


Please send your application to: