Supporting the monastery as a volunteer


General details:

From time to time we're offering the possibility to support the monastery and live and work here as a volunteer.


We are currently looking for:




How to apply as an volunteer: 

If you are interested to become a volunteer in our monastery, please send us a short message with the following questions answered:


1. When is the earliest date you would be able to start your volunteering work?

2. How long are you planning to stay?

3. Do you have a place where you can go to, in case that we won’t consider to extend your stay after the trial period (1 month)?

4. Within the monastery ground it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol or take any type of drugs. We expect these rules to be accepted.

5. Do you have any allergies concerning food?

6. Do you have an health insurance?

7. We prefer to eat vegetarian food in the monastery. It is not possible to adapt to a vegan diet. 

8. Do you have a Visa for Germany (in case that you are coming from a country where it is needed)?

9. Do you have a valid drivers license (for cars) which is valid for Germany?

10. What is your age? 

11. If you apply for a specific job, what qualifications do you have for the job?

12. You will have limited access to Internet (approximately 3 hours per day during different time slots).

13. Please send us a picture from yourself.


Please use this Email address to send us your application:


If you do not receive any message from us after 4 weeks, feel free to get in touch with us again.