Shaolin 12-Month Online Training

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Created for dedicated practicioners and everyone who is eager to learn more about Kung Fu, Qi Gong and the Shaolin Arts. Start your personal journey towards Self-Mastery!


Shaolin.Online 12-Month Self-Mastery Program


In the past years we have worked on our heart project that will help us to spread the teachings and make a change in this world. We are very glad to present to you our official online training platform:



12-Month Self-Mastery Program

What will you learn?


In the past 35 years of engaging various Martial Art Systems and also different Shaolin Practices, there were countless different methods, techniques and ways of practicing depending on the emphasis of what that system aims to provide.
The study of each of such system is certainly interesting and especially useful as a full-time martial art practitioner and / or out of interest towards the great variety of what is possible to be learned.
What all systems of the past have in common is the fact that it’s not just important to develop certain skills, but especially that there is a chronology of when the skills need to be developed and trained.
With great appreciation for the possibility of learning from different teachers and masters, what you will encounter in the 12-Month Training Programm is a summary of different practical methods to develop very specific abilities each month!
As a general outline, this is an overview of the 4 practical categories that you will focus on during your practice:

1. – 3. Month
Refinement of Body and Mind Awareness

4. – 6. Month
Nourishing and Strengthening of Body and Mind

7. – 9. Month
Flexibility and Motion Training

10. – 12. Month
Clarity and Calmness of Mind


Each month you will get introduced to a proper method that inherits the knowledge and practice in order to develop yourself in the categories mentioned above.


You can download the detailed Curriculum:

Detailed Shaolin.Online Self Mastery Curriculum



What can I do if I don't have money for the 12-Month program?

There are over 25 hours of videos and instructions on that are completely free of charge and anytime to access!


With heartly regards and the many blessings of this year,

The Sangha of the Shaolin Temple Europe