General Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read prior to your registration



1.         Payment
The fees for each event (monastery on time, retreat, workshop, seminar, etc.) are indicated. Upon registration, the fees are to be paid in full amount.
With the confirmation of registration on the part of the order the registered person receives a registration number. This number must always be indicated when making payment.
The fees for retreats, workshops, day seminars and monastery on time are to be paid within 7 days of receipt of the registration confirmation at the latest (except for short-term registrations where the payment date is in less than 7 days).
If no payment is made within 7 days, the place will be released and registrations will be accepted again for that date.
If you have not met the payment deadline and all places are taken, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the program.
Furthermore, anyone who registers and does not pay will subsequently be blocked from further participation.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or by Paypal - in this case you will have to pay the Paypal fees, which can be requested in advance at the monastery.
Longer payment terms and payment by installments are not possible. We ask to refrain from such requests.
In the event of a lockdown caused again by a pandemic, seminars and selected events can be held or continued automatically online via zoom or another video conferencing system. Online classes/training are considered equivalent to face-to-face classes and do not constitute a reason to cancel the respective event and claim a refund.
Compliance with the hygiene regulations in force in each case does not constitute a reason for cancelling a registration.
As a general rule, if the temporary monastery, a retreat, a workshop or a day seminar cannot take place due to an order of our state government or our federal government, a voucher will be issued which is valid for three years. This is expressly agreed to by the registrant. There is no possibility of reclaiming payment.
All one-day seminars will only be held if the minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the event can still be held if the participants agree to a reduction in the planned number of hours or to an increased participation fee.
2.         Registration options
Registration is only possible via the online form of Shaolin Temple Europe (or the Buddhist Order of Shaolin e.V.).

You can find it here:

Registration Form (German / Deutsch)

Registration Form (English / Englisch)
!!! After you submit your registration, please give us 14-20 days to confirm your registration! Only after you have received a registration confirmation with a written payment instruction and AFTER we have received your payment (your bank- or paypal-receipt is sufficient), your registration is officially confirmed and you can proceed with your personal travel arrangements.The registration confirmation is not transferable !!!
No further notification will be sent after the registration confirmation, unless an event is cancelled.
No separate invoice will be issued. The registration confirmation will contain all information necessary for payment. If a participant insists on an invoice, an administrative fee of 15,-- Euro will be charged.
3.         Right of withdrawal
a) The Order may withdraw from the contract due to insufficient number of participants, cancellation of an event leader or other reasons for which the Order is not responsible. In this case, the Order will provide the registered person with a voucher for the amount paid.
b) Withdrawal of a participant / enrollee is not possible for any reason whatsoever.
Registrations for monastery on time, retreats, workshops and day seminars are legally binding and only binding registrations can be accepted. A registration is only considered accepted when the booking has been paid.
Please note that the Order may not send a confirmation of receipt of payment. The respective bank receipt or receipt from Paypal is usually sufficient.
The enrollee has to make sure before booking that all vacation issues are clarified and e.g. employers have approved it or in the case of self-employed appointments do not collide. All vacation issues should also be clarified with the family beforehand, if applicable. A later cancellation, credit, withdrawal of the booking or rebooking for work or family reasons is not possible.
Likewise, for the practice of risky sports (such as skiing, motor racing, parkour, skateboarding, etc. - also not mentioned) whether for private or professional reasons, the principle applies: if someone cannot participate because of this, the person bears the risk himself. Cancellation or rebooking is not possible and no credit will be given.
For Monastery on Time, Shaolin Intensive Training Weeks and Shaolin Bootcamp, a medical certificate must be presented upon arrival stating that the participant is fit for sports.
Whether this fitness for sports can be granted by the doctor should be clarified before booking. A later cancellation or rebooking due to previously foreseeable health restrictions is not possible.
The coronary risk is known.
If the event can take place, everyone must have become aware before the registration, also with regard to the accommodation in shared rooms, whether he/she belongs to a risk group, for example. Such a plea is not admissible after the registration and no refund or credit will be given.
The risk of corona infection is also borne by the enrollee.
The risk of not being allowed to leave your country, not being allowed to enter Germany, or quarantine measures apply, is borne by the participants themselves and is not a responsibility of Shaolin Temple Europe. Again, no refund or credit will be given. To our regret, we have to handle it this way, otherwise we would only be able to accept bookings from within Germany.
Even if a so-called "2-G regulation" (or other regulations) come into force or apply by order of the state or federal government, i.e. only vaccinated and recovered persons are allowed to participate, there is no possibility of refund or credit bill and also no rebooking.
Basically, no matter what the reason (including illness, etc.): No refund and no credit, no withdrawal of the booking or cancellation and also no rebooking, exchange or other replacement!
!!! We strongly recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance which also covers risks like illness and corona !!!
We also ask to refrain from requests of this kind.
c) When purchasing a voucher, please note that a cash payment or refund to the person receiving the gift or the purchaser is not possible. Even if the presentee, for whatever reason, does not find a course or the desired course should be cancelled. However, the voucher is transferable to other persons.
4.         Liability
The liability of Shaolin Temple Europe or the Buddhist Order of Shaolin e.V. for damages of any kind, no matter for what legal reason they may arise, is limited to cases in which Shaolin Temple Europe or the Buddhist Order of Shaolin e.V. is charged with intent or gross negligence. In case of loss, theft, property damage or self-inflicted accidents, the Shaolin Temple Europe assumes no liability.
5.         Certificates
A certificate of attendance is issued for some events, but not for all. Where none is issued, a certificate of attendance can be issued for an administrative fee of 15,-- Euro.
Such a certificate only confirms the participation and does not represent a verification of the acquired knowledge. Also, the participant has no right to a formal and / or written verification and / or confirmation of his acquired skills.
6.         Hygiene plan of the Shaolin Temple Europe
The valid hygiene plan of the order is an integral part of our general terms and conditions.
7.         Cell phones
During a stay in the temple, no matter if it is for a weekend seminar or for a longer time, cell phones are not allowed. Therefore, please keep them turned off or set to silent. Phone calls may be made during breaks or personal free time, but not during class, meals, or other program times.
8.         General Rules of Conduct
All visitors are required to completely refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and any sexual activity while in the temple or staying overnight. This also applies to weekend seminar visitors.
In the monastery it is customary to eat a vegetarian diet.
It is not possible to follow any other form of diet (e.g. vegan diet) or to take allergies into consideration.
All events are booked with Shaolin Temple Europe or the Buddhist Order of Shaolin e.V.. Not with a specific trainer.
Please understand that we cannot answer any questions about which trainers will lead the training.
The monastery has several masters, teachers and trainers and you can learn a lot from each one. Since the masters, teachers and trainers often lead the retreats or monasteries on time together or often take turns with the training, this question cannot be answered.
Also, it does not mean that a master who leads a retreat leads every single training.
Also, the possible fact that another master, trainer, teacher leads the event than the one the participant had hoped for is not a reason for withdrawal or recall. 
9.         Overnight stays
Outside of the retreats and the visit of monastery on time, an overnight stay in the temple is not possible, with the exception of the seminars where this is explicitly stated. In the case of an overnight stay in the temple, visitors will be accommodated in a shared room in the guest house of the monastery - this does not necessarily have to be in the monastery directly. It is possible that in the summer guests will also be accommodated in tents.
For some events (e.g. workshops), overnight stays in the monastery are not possible and are not included in the price.
10.       Clothing
It is ok to wear comfortable clothes in the temple (especially during the training times also tracksuits etc.). However, inside the temple rooms (Buddha room, Dharma hall, etc.) as well as on the training ground itself, no shorts or skimpy (e.g. "belly-less") shirts, blouses or sleeveless T-shirts may be worn. In general, appropriate clothing should be worn.
For training and at the monastery, it would be desirable to wear black clothing (e.g. plain black sweatpants, black socks, black T-shirts, black sweatshirts).
11.       Photography and filming
In principle, it is unfortunately not possible to photograph and film in the temple. Please understand that with the large number of guests, it is impossible for us to be available for every individual photo request.
Also, with the structured daily schedule, guests usually do not have time for photography and filming.
At the same time, however, please note that photo and filming may take place on the temple grounds. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed under any circumstances, we also ask that you let us know prior to arrival so that your request can be accommodated.
We would like to point out that in the case of hybrid and online events, video, photo and sound recordings (also by means of 360-degree cameras) may be carried out at all program points within the framework of the legal regulations and without the separate consent of the persons concerned and participants.
Insofar as video, photo and sound recordings of events are also made, the persons concerned and participants must obviously expect publication beyond the association's boundaries. A declaration of consent is therefore not obtained in these cases. These video, photo and sound recordings can also be processed, used, exploited and published by the Buddhist Order of Shaolin e.V. or Shaolin Temple Europe for reporting purposes, e.g. in picture galleries, newsletters, on websites and in social media (the list is not exhaustive).
12.       Data protection
As a data subject, you have the rights to information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, data portability and objection in accordance with Articles 15 to 18 and Articles 20 and 21 DS-GVO.
Data subjects and participants have the right to complain to the supervisory authority if you believe that the processing of data concerning you violates the GDPR. The competent supervisory authority is:
The State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information of Rhineland-Palatinate.
Hintere Bleiche 34
55116 Mainz


13.       The place of jurisdiction is Kaiserslautern / Germany.