Private Lessons

Individual One-to-One Learning and GuidancePrivate Lessons Shaolin Temple Europe


For whom is the individual lessons (Kung Fu · Qi Gong · Rou Quan · Meditation) suitable:

- You already have experience and would like to get to know another martial art

- You have no experience and would like to be slowly introduced to the Shaolin arts

- You already practice Shaolin Kung Fu / Qi Gong and would like to improve your practice

- You want to make a person happy and give away one-to-one lessons as a present


How to make an appointment:

The easiest way is to send us an Email with the following questions answered:


  • What topic/content are you interested in?
  • How many private sessions would you like to take? (1 Session = 2 hours · Minimum is 1 session / maximum 3 sessions per day)
  • On which dates do you like to come?


We will be happy to arrange a suitable appointment together with you.