Monastery on Time

Visiting and training in the Shaolin Temple Europe

Experience the daily life at the monastery together with the community (Sangha) of the Shaolin Temple Europe. 

Shaolin Temple Europe - Kloster auf Zeit

Almost every month in the year, we offer the possibility to join the life at the monastery. These weeks are called „monastery on time“.

Your visit always starts on Monday and ends on Saturday (if you book 2 or more weeks the Sunday is included of course).


Shaolin Temple Europe - Kloster auf Zeit

Besides the physical training, you will also join the meditation classes, theory lessons and participate in the monastery ceremonies. Theoretical lessons include Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine e.g. You will also be part of the daily work which is done in the monastery and continously train yourself in the martial codex called "WuDe".

Shaolin Temple Europe - Kloster auf Zeit

The classes and trainings will mainly be held by the masters of the Shaolin Temple Europe.

Shaolin Temple Europe - Kloster auf Zeit

For „monastery on time“ (Kloster auf Zeit) we have certain entry dates, please contact us via Email for detailed instructions on how to register:

Informations and Registration for Monastery on Time

We're looking forward to welcoming you.