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Usually we start every kind of communication with a respectful bow, because this one little gesture keeps reminding us that that the person we are dealing with at this moment is currently the most important person for us. Staying in the presence and being aware of what is Here and Now: In the moment where life happens and where changes can take place.

The Shaolin Temple Europe is eager to share the wisdom, which has been developed since more then 1519 years to help the people in this modern society. Many approaches, training and teaching methods have direct effect on the 3 treasures of Shaolin: Mind, Heart and Body. The holistic approach is based upon daily observation and development of the monks and masters of the Shaolin Temple.

We would be happy if we could inspire you to explore this uncommon journey with us and to learn more about this ancient culture and way of living.


The latest NEWS from the Shaolin Temple Europe

Happy new year of the water tiger ! After 2 years of work and lots of sweat and ideas, we have finally launched our online training platform:

You will find all detailed informations here: Shaolin.Online Self-Mastery Program


Shaolin Unique Workshops July / August 2022

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan.

Unique Workshop - Jiang Yu Shan

  • 29. July: (3-Days Workshop) Mu Shou Da Fa: 5-Element Kung Fu Bodyconditioning – Wood Hardening Skills 
  • 1. August: (6-Days Workshop) Shaolin Damo Chan Gong: Bodhidharma’s 4 Heaven Ancient Shaolin Meditation Practice 
  • 12. August: (3-Days Workshop) Hou Xing Xin Yi Ba: Si Ba Chui + Shi Ba / The 4 Hammers and 10 Hands of the Monkey Frame Xin Yi Ba Kung Fu
  • 15. August: (6-Days Workshop) Ehr Shi Si Zhan Dou Hou Qi Gong:  24 Combat Monkey Qi Gong

For more informations and registration, please read the following document carefully:



What is Shaolin Damo Chan Gong?



The word "Chan" is the abbreviation of and old term "Jhana,"think of cultivation", this line of thought has cultivation by practice and thinking as its meaning. The One who practices Chan has no characteristics (laksana), has stillness, maintained inside, belonging to yin (Chan is sometimes translated as dhyana, or prolonged and intense contemplation) The word "Gong" as in"wugong", is a symbol which specifically means to move the body related to martial arts. The meaning is to cause the body to be tempered. The gong has form, movement, it is in the outer and belongs to the category of yang. "Chan Gong" takes lacking characteristics alone as stillness, that stillness has form and stature with movement the appearance and characteristics melt away. In the center of the stillness of Chan there is exploration, it causes the body to enter , instantaneously and bursting, a powerful energy beating regularly at the boundary, in the middle of that beat of energy you enter stillness, causing the body’s stature to enter, the Chan fist returns, true wondrous emptiness has emptiness in between. The Western Heavens Mahayana Chan Gong is divided into three phases: the first phase warms-up the body and are positioning movements, the middle phase is the formal exercise methods, and the last stage is adjust the breath and preparation for meditation after the exercises.


Monastery on Time
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For „monastery on time“ (Kloster auf Zeit) we have certain entry dates, that can be seen below. It is only possible to join / start monastery on time on these dates. If you have problems understanding german, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Our monastery is also english speaking. 
All retreats in the Shaolin Temple Europe:
Retreat means that you join the life at the monastery for one weekend (3 days) or one week (6 days) together with the community of the Shaolin Temple Europe. As compared to "monastery on time", a retreat is held under a specific topic and content. If you like to learn more about Shaolin Kung Fu, a Kung Fu Retreat is right for you. If you are more interested in learning and practicing Qi Gong, then a Qi Gong Retreat might be your choice. Please have a look at the variety of retreats to choose from.
Dates in 2022
Due to the very high demand in recent years, the places for the temporary monastery as well as for the retreats are booked out very quickly.

Therefore, please inquire about the currently still available dates for the next year 2022 directly at the monastery office.

Please contact us via Email:



We are speaking several languages here at the monastery, every guest and Shaolin friend is welcome.

We're looking forward to welcoming you.