Shaolin Wuzuquan · 少林五祖拳

5 Ancestor Fist / Boxing

The Wuzuquan (Chinese 五祖 拳 "Five Ancestors", English Five Ancestors Kung Fu) is a South Chinese martial arts and thus belongs to the school direction of Nanquan (南拳 "Southern Boxing").

The 5-Ahnen style owes its name to, among other things, the influences of the following five older styles of Chinese boxing:

Inner Neigong: Since mo (達 尊 拳)
Skills of Luohan Boxing: (羅漢拳)
Skills of Taizu Boxing: (太祖 拳)
Elements of the White Crane Style: (白鹤 拳)
Agility and Footwork of Monkey Boxing (猴拳)


It is a great honor for us to welcome Master Yap Boh Heong to our monastery. Under the direction of Master Yap Boh Heong, the special features of this kung fu style will be discussed during the retreat.
Here is a very nice interview in which the essence of art is presented:

Another insight into 5 Ancestor Boxing is demonstrted in the following video from THE MARTIAL MAN:
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