Mindful New Normal Retreat

Knowledge to enrich your life

Come join us for a 4 day retreat coupling over 1500 years of the Shaolin teaching treasures of MIND, HEART, BODY with modern Positive Psychology "the science of happiness and wellbeing".

4 day retreat from 28 June - 01 July 2020, a retreat with Dr. Randall Birnberg, Master Shi Heng Zong - the abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe and Shi Miao Hai.

You will leave with practical techniques and methods guaranteed to strengthen the mind and bring positivity in all your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself.



In this 4-day retreat we will deal with 4 important and formative areas of our life:


Day 1: Happy past?

The first day is about how we deal with our past, what we can learn from it and how we then use it … today!

Very often we have accepted ideas, words and thoughts that have been ingrained in us since childhood. We believe that we can or cannot do things and if we fail it's difficult to forgive ourselves … or others for the things that went wrong in our lives.

We get caught up in our feelings and emotions of anger, sadness, loss, fear of failure and discouragement.  

In our seminar, you’ll discover how to turn these negative experiences into positive learnings - to develop resilience and the joy of life and gain a positive self-perception are the goals of this day.

In this seminar, ancient, but up-to-date Buddhist knowledge is combined with modern science, as well as meditation and Qi Gong - these powerful tools will provide you with the know-how for positive transformation in your life.


Day 2: Happy now? Happy you?

On day 2, we want to focus on the here and now. How do we deal with setbacks? What do we learn from failing? How do we go on after an experience that hurts us?

With empathy,  the participants will be prepared to turn blows of fate and failure into an asset - how to recognize the positive ... and not just the negative. How we can motivate and build ourselves and how we can enrich our lives with the goal of leading a happy life. 

Self-love and self-compassion are the key! We now know that those who love themselves, can give real love to others - those who can give themselves compassion and forgiveness, can give others compassion and forgiveness.

The insights of positive psychology as well as the advice of Buddhism help in this process - the mind and body are also "fed" again on this day and can begin to quiet down at the same time.



Day 3: Happy future?

How do we want to shape our future? How can we be prepared for all the adversities that may come?

How do we find our strengths and how do we achieve an active way of acting for the benefit of ourselves and others?

On this day, we want to show you ways to approach the future with a lasting positive attitude by shaping the here and now.

With interactive exercises, the participants will develop the tools needed to "ride" the waves of life with generosity and compassion.

Additionally, practical instructions as well as the wisdom of Buddhism coupled with science, will pave the way for a future you deserve.


Day 4: Happy Family? Happy Team?

We know from Buddhism and psychology that our personal happiness is very much dependent on the happiness of our environment and that our well-being also influences our environment.

We cannot become happy alone, in fact, we become happy together.

On this seminar day, we will show ways how we can positively influence our immediate environment, namely, family, colleagues, neighbours and friends … eventually encouraging them to develop as well. 

During this time, become an "Ambassador of Happiness" and set an example of lived Buddhism, minus the religious beliefs, and see how positive psychology can enrich you and your surrounding environment.

To benefit the most from our retreats, we suggest taking all 4 days. However, it is also theoretically possible to book only day 1 and 2, or day 3 and 4. The first two days in some way fall under the motto: "working on myself" and the second two days fall under the motto:"interaction with my environment”.

The retreat is in English and the trainers have decades of experience in teaching and guiding people. Therefore, the retreat is easy to follow and designed where  no difficult "scientific” termonolgy is used.

Dr. Randall Birnberg has worked in the teaching and “happiness” field for almost 30 years. He currently travels Europe giving lectures at various universities and conducts workshops and seminars in many international companies.  He also specializes in one-on-one executive and private coaching.

Master Shi Heng Zong is the abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe and is a Buddhist master who is concerned with a life-oriented and practical teaching of Buddhism.

Shi Miao Hai is a novice in the Shaolin Temple Europe and despite his youth always impresses people with his calm and serene manner as well as his enormous life knowledge.

Both teachers from the Shaolin Temple Europe are not only monks, but also pass on their experience and knowledge to companies and managers in international seminars throughout Europe. Their focus are stress management, self-empowerment, conflict resolution and many other personal and company oriented themes.  

The retreat includes all meals during the 4 days, guided daily meditations, Shaolin Arts including theory and daily Qi Gong practice.



Dates in 2020:

· 28. June - 1. July 2020 (4-Days)


To register, please contact us directly:

Shaolin Temple Europe
Weinbrunnerhof 4-6
67697 Otterberg